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City guide - Milan, Italy

As one of the world’s most important fashion and designer capitals, Milan offers an unbelievable shopping experience. Ruled by the Caesars, Napoléon, the Austro-Hungarians and Mussolini, Milan has an ancient and fascinating history, which can be discovered throughout its architecture and its many museums.Although being a commercially important metropolitan city, it is comparably small and therefore easy to explore by foot!

Tipping: It is not required to leave a tip in Italy, but nevertheless well appreciated. Tipping in Italy is considered as a “bonus,” so the amount should reflect the level and quality of service. A tip of up to 10% is common but sometimes a service charge is already included in the check so make sure to adapt your tip to that. For smaller checks like a cappuccino in a café it is common to round up to the next Euro. If you choose to leave a tip, plan to leave cash after paying your check, rather than leaving the tip on a credit card.

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    € Euro

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    Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP); Linate Airport (LIN)

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Transportation from Airports


The Malpensa Express train departs about every 30 minutes. When exiting the airport signs saying “Treni/Trains”will guide you to the station. There are different trains that have different routes to Milan and stop at different stations, so make sure to find out to which station your accommodation is closest to beforehand. Tickets can be purchased online, at ATM’s or at Ticket offices during operating hours.

Cost Adults: € 13 and Children (4-13 years old): € 6,50
Trip Duration 40-50 min
Hours Every 35 to 55 min from 5 am to 12 am

The bus is the cheapest way to getting to and away from Malpensa Airport. There are different companies offering transportation and they all depart from both Terminal 1 and 2. Usually they stop at Milan Central Station and additionally at some stops throughout the city depending on the bus company and route.

Cost Malpensa Shuttle: 10€; 5€ (Children);
Terravision: 8€; 5€ (Children);
Autostradale: 8€; 5€ (Children)
Trip Duration 50 min
Hours Malpensa Shuttle: 5am to 3 am every 15 to 30 minutes
Terravision: 5am to 12 am every 30 minutes
Autostradale: 6am to 12am every 30 minutes

Taking a taxi from Malpensa Airport to Milan is very convenient but expensive. Especially for families with children or travelers with large luggage a taxi is recommended. Taxi stands can be found at both terminals just outside of arrivals. There are several different taxi companies that provide service at Malpensa Airport and most of them should offer a fixed fare, so to ensure no hidden fees are added at the end of the ride, ask the taxi driver beforehand.

Cost 95€
Trip Duration 50 minutes
La Vigna di Leonardo - Leonardo’s Vineyard

While hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Milan to marvel at Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper only few people know that the Tuscan artist left behind another treasure only footsteps away. Leonardo’s Vineyard is where da Vinci once painted the famous Last Supper in the late 15th century. The Vineyard lies within the gardens of the Casa degli Atellani and invite for a short stroll that takes one back in time. After the tour, sip on a glass of Leonardo’s white wine to complement your visit.

Duomo di Milano rooftop terrace

The Duomo di Milano is probably the most famous site of Milan, but a rather secret spot is the rooftop terrace on top of the dome that you can enter for only a slightly higher ticket price. From the rooftop a spectacular view unfurls and guarantees a truly exceptional experience. Visit the terrace at sunset to get a beautiful lighting and picture-perfect photos.

Brera District

Throughout its history, the historic Brera district has always been a favorite area for artists who met, drank and philosophized in bars and literary cafés. Today, the Brera district is a large pedestrian area with restaurants in all price ranges from rustic pizzerias to Michelin star restaurants, bars, boutiques and art shops, street vendors and markets. Locals too, love spending mild summer evenings within the lovely streets of Brera!

Antica Hostaria della Lanterna

Not too far from Milan’s center is the city’s oldest district Ticinese and this traditional Osteria. The family-run business serves very simple, but incredibly delicious Italian dishes where you can taste the love that has been put into making them. You won’t find a menu but rather la “Mamma” telling you what she has prepared freshly every day. It is recommended to reserve a table in advance as locals love this place and it is quickly booked out.

Backdoor 43

The smallest bar in the world is located in Milan! Backdoor 43 in Milan seats exactly three people and serves high quality drinks to stay or to go! Since seats are very limited, most customers purchase their drinks through a tiny slot window, through which they can see the bartender’s hands and not much else. For additional discreetness the bartender also wears a mask. At about 6€ per drink, it is hard to not stop by and check out this exceptional place!

Centro Storico and the Fashion District

Centro Storico hosts most of the popular sights in Milan and is a most go. Visit the old Duomo, the Ducal Palace or stroll through the historic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arcade to find beautiful boutiques and luxurious stores.


Hosting both the Milan Design Week and the Milan Fashion Week Tortona is home to fashionistas worldwide. Another all-year-round highlight of the district are the artworks of Giorgio Armani that you can find at the museum Armani Silos.

Porta Romana

Porta Romana is a welcoming, rustic neighborhood in Milan that still is hidden from the mainstream tourism. Since Porta Romana used to be a distillery complex, it accommodates many stylish cocktail bars and is likewise great for budget travelers!

Porta Venezia

The gates of Porta Venezia are one of the historical favorites in the city, but the neighborhood is also known for great shopping opportunities including lovely second-hand boutiques.

Chinatown (Via Paolo Sarpi)

Though much smaller than its equivalents in New York or London, Milan’s Chinatown consisting of only a few streets has a very unique atmosphere with its Chinese red lanterns hanging between traditional Milanese town houses. Here you can find everything between hole-in-the-wall bun vendors, fast-paced noodle shops and fine dining restaurants as well as jewelries, fashion boutiques and traditional tea shops.

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