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City guide - Jersey City, United States

Jersey City is considered as NYC's 6th Borough. It's close proximity to Manhattan makes it a great place to stay while discovering New York, the city that never sleeps. But despite from being close to Manhattan, Jersey City has plenty of shopping and dinner options. Enjoy a stroll through the city and learn what Jersey City has to offer!

Tipping: It is customary to leave a 15 to 20% tip.

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How to arrive from Newark airport (EWR) to the city

Train/ PATH

You need to take the PATH train from Newark Penn Station towards World Trade Center. Get off at Journal Square station to catch a subway, which brings you to the station close to your apartment. You can also take a bus from Journal Square.

Cost PATH’s one-way full cash fare is $2.75
Time 20-30 minutes
Hours both trains work 24/7

* This is the cheapest way to get to the city, but also the most cumbersome way for passengers with luggage


You can also take the NJ transit bus from Newark Aiport, Line 1. Stop at Journal Square station or Exchange Place and take another bus from there. Fares depend upon many factors (distance traveled, type of ticket purchased, type of transportation utilized, date and/or time of day traveled etc...).

Cost around $3
Time 50-70 minutes
Hours 0:22 am -10:25 pm. The bus leaves every half hour
Website Buy bus tickerts here

* Suitable for passengers who do not carry a lot of luggage


For those of you who prefer to travel by taxi, when you exit the terminals there are yellow cabs waiting.

Cost uniform tariff of 52 dollars for a cab with up to 4 people
Time 20 - 40 minutes
Hours 24/7

It is customary to tip the driver about 15% of total


You can pre-order Joint shuttles with other passengers / private transportation.

Here is a list of a few:

Gett Transfer - Shuttle Service in Newark
AirLink NYC/ Newark
Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration

The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration is known as one of the most iconic sights in America's modern history. Between 1892 and 1954 more than 12 million people arrived on Ellis Island seeking a new home in the United States. A visit to this museum feels like a trip back in time. The buildings are the very same where the immigrants where processed and had to go through legal and medical checks. The trip can be combined with a visit to the Statue of Liberty. Take a ferry from Liberty State Park which brings you to Ellis Island first and to Liberty Island afterward! These two islands are definitely worth a visit!

Statue of Liberty National Monument

No trip to Jersey City would ever be complete without a trip to Liberty Island with America's most defining monument the Statue of Liberty. Since the construction at then end of the 1800s the monument has become a symbol of freedom and democracy. On sunny days you can enjoy one of the most impressive views on Manhattan's skyline. The entry to the park is free and can be accessed with a ferry from Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

Liberty State Park

Another amazing view of Manhattan's skyline offers the Liberty State Park. Breath in the fresh and windy air, walk the Freedom Way, cycle along the bike tracks and stop at the Empty Sky Memorial, which was built to remember the attacks on 9/11. Whether you are in town for business or sightseeing, in the Liberty State Park you can always find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the moment.

Liberty Science Center

Located in Liberty State Park, this Science Center is an interactive science museum and learning center for visitors of any age. The museum is dedicated to getting learners excited about the power of science. We suggest to visit the museum on a rainy or a very hot day, especially your children will be amazed! You should definitely plan to spend a whole day there if you want to see everything (if that's even possible in one day).

Boardwalks of the J. Owen Grundy Park

You didn't get enough of Manhattan's skyline view? The J. Owen Grundy Park is another place to take in breathtaking views of New York City and the Statue of Liberty. You can also see the outline of the great Varrizano Bridge, where the waters divide the Big Apple in two before entering the New Jersey Bight and the Atlantic.

Downtown Jersey City

The historic Downtown of Jersey City has become the epicenter of Jersey City's nightlife. You'll find the district between Grove Station and the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall. From here it is very easy to commute to New York City which is why this neighborhood grew so quickly in the past years. Nowadays Downtown Jersey City does not just prove itself through its close proximity to Manhattan, but with its variety of shopping and dining options where visitors and locals can enjoy many culinary delights.

The Heights

This part of Jersey City is the largest and most nothern part of the city and got its name from the fact that most of the neighborhood lies on Palisades. Overlooking Hoboken and Manhattan skyline, JC Heights has become a go-to spot for new residents and tourists alike. The place is known for its variety of ethnic foods, from Indian and Italian to Japanese and Chinese. You will find cuisines from all over the world. But it is not only that: as the sun sets on Riverview Fisk Park, unobstructed views allow you to take in the full splendor of the city lights. Enjoy strolls through the Riverview Arts District or take walk through the farmers market on Sunday!

Paulus Hook

While Jersey City is close to Manhattan, you can only enjoy a spectacular view from just a couple of places. Paulus Hook is one of those places. This family-friendly area offers the best views on Manhattan's skyline. Commuting to NYC is very easy and makes this neighborhood attractive for locals and tourists. On Washington Street you can find many restaurants, shops and bars! Paulus Hook is also known for its famous Colgate Clock, which is one of the must-sees when in JC.


Once known as an area that many people tried to aviod, Bergen-Lafayette became more crowded as more and more people moved to this part of Jersey City. Today, after many small restaurants opended their doors to the locals, it's also a great spot for travelers. As this neighborhood continues to develop, everyone is sure to see more!

Jorunal Square

Journal Square was once the center of Jersey City. as it's one of the largest stops from PATH train. Many people commuted from Journal Square station to Manhattan, Newark or Hoboken. Today it also offers many great places to hang out. Enjoy fantastic coffee in one of the cafés around or visit the historic landmarks in this area including the famous Jackie Robinson statute or the Loew's Theatre.

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